Light mobility

The first commercially available fuel cell electric bike.

Pragma Industries has designed the first commercially available fuel cell e-bike, αlpha, integrating the OCS fuel cell technology. αlpha has been developed as a response of today’s energy demand and eco-mobility issues.

Exceptional run-time

The fuel cell embedded inside αlpha frame offers an unrivalled run capacity of up to 100 km on a single charge.


Li-ion batteries are also very sensitive to high/low temperatures, and the run time may be hazardous.
αlpha offers a stable run time in every conditions, with a precise information of the remaining capacity thanks to the H2 gauge.

Extremely short recharge time

Compared to conventional electric bikes, αlpha is refilled with hydrogen in only 2 minutes using the filling station, while standard e-bikes take more 3 to 4 hours to be fully recharged.



Electrical motor Brose 36V
Motor power electrical assistance up to 250 W
Top speed electrical assistance up to 25 km/h
Fuel cell technology 150 W PEM fuel cell
Bridging energy 150 Wh Li-Ion batteries
H2 storage 2 L compressed H2 gas cylinder

Filling station – H2 SPRING

Pragma Industries’ partner Atawey has developed H2 Spring filling station for αlpha. It produces hydrogen from water and electricity (water electrolysis). The hydrogen is stored and compressed before being refilled into αlpha hydrogen tank.


light-mobility-v1-2_03The station is able to refill up to xx bikes a day, only using water and electricity. The complete solution offered by Pragma Industries and Atawey allows increased mobility efficiency with zero CO2 emissions, from the hydrogen production to its consumption.
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Who is it for?

Captive fleet operators, your battery management nightmares are over!
αlpha offers a complete electric solution while eliminating batteries logistics which can be highly time-consuming and costly.

  • light-mobility-v1-2_07Public services
  • light-mobility-v1-2_07Territorial staff mobility
  • light-mobility-v1-2_07Corporate staff mobility
  • light-mobility-v1-2_07Last mile delivery
  • light-mobility-v1-2_07Tourists rental
  • light-mobility-v1-2_07Bike sharing programs

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Download the αlpha brochure here!
Download the H2-Spring filling station here!

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