Pro-RD FCS107 fuel cell stack
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Pro-RD Fuel Cell Stacks are designed by Pragma Industries for the stringent demand of fuel cell scientists and professionals.

Built for long life performance and scalability, they fit the needs for those who want to:
– do advanced research on MEAs
– investigate thermal effects in stacks
– perform professional training
– integrate fuel cell systems
– quick start a fuel cell lab

Pro-RD FCS is fully modular from one to ten cells or more. Scale down or up can be achieved in lab environment by the user with simple tools.

Made of thick (6mm) graphite bipolar separators, the stack can be heavily equipped with sensors to investigate MEAs behavior.

decriptionKey features
– Stack can be taken apart and rebuilt to change MEAs or insert sensors- Bipolar plates have built-in gaskets
– Stack power can easily be scaled by adding/removing cells
– Optimal thermal management with cooling fluid circulation in each plate
– Stack is delivered with complete instruction guide
decriptionPackage includes
– Monopolar plates with selected flowfields design
– Gold plated current collectors
– Anodized aluminum or stainless steel compression plates with guiding pins
– Integrated heating cartridges
– Type-k thermocouple
– Voltage sense pins
– Gaskets and insulating material
– Gas connectors
– Set of nuts, rods, washers

decriptionTechnical Specifications

Number of cells357
Active area100cm²100cm²100cm²
Voltage range2.85 – 1.2V4.75 – 2 V6.65 – 2.8V
Max current162A162A162A
Max power200W340W470W
Max operating pressure2 barg2barg2 barg
Max operating temperature80°C80°C80°C

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840 fuel cell tester

896 voltage monitoring system

The ideal module for those who want to monitor easily the individual cell voltage in a fuel cell stack.