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ClearPak is a PEM single cell hardware designed to give reasearch staff and students a great engineering insight of fuel cell design.

ClearPak specific see-through design allows the observation of water creation inside the cell. It is a simple but very effective tool for a first approach of the engineering of FC stacks regarding water management.

ClearPak can be delivered with different sets of clear compression plates with different flow field patterns.

What is the impact of flow field design on water behaviour? How does water evacuate the cell depending on gas flow? Where are the critical locations in the channels where water will condensate first?

With hands-on operation, user can observe and assess what is actually happening inside the cell during testing

decriptionKey features
– Clearly visible gas flow channels
– Observable water behavior
– Large 25cm² active surface delivering realistic power output and polarization curves
– Robust design
– Very easy cell mounting/dismounting and experimentation setup
– Gas sealing design for easy mounting with various MEAs and GDLs.
decriptionPackage includes
– One set of two clear compression plates with selected flow fields
– Gaskets
– Gold plated current collectors with connectors
– 6mmOD quick-connect gas ports
– Screws, bolts and washers
decriptionTechnical Specifications

Cell active area 25 cm²
Max operational T° 65 °C
Available flow field types Single serpentine
Multiple serpentine
Gas connectors 4mmOD quick coupling
Dimensions 110 x 90 x70 mm