PEM fuel cell stacks



Fuel cell systems available from 30 Watts to 100 Watts, designed for easy system integration.
Based on an open-cathode PEM fuel cell architecture, the system offers good power densities, minimum balance-of-plant requirements and simplicity of operation.
The fuel cell controller is equiped with on-board measurements and analog transmission. When the fuel cell is integrated into an application, operating data can be collected directly from the controller. Additional sensors can be plugged to the controller board.

Fuel cell stacks and electronic controllers can be sold separately.


– Robust open-cathode fuel cell design
– No external power source required (electronics powered by the fuel cell)
– Datalink port on controller board
– Available free input channels on controller for sensors or control
– led display on controller board for system state indication
– Open-source embedded microcontroller code
– Code and functunalities can be taylored by the user for system integration.


– Open-cathode fuel cell
– Electronic controller
– H2 purge micro valve
– H2 pressure reducer
– Fuel cell temperature sensor

– Integrated air blowing fan with casing
– On/off/menu switch
– Power connector
– Microcontroller code
– User guide

50W fuel cell system (20 cells)


Model reference FCP30 FCP50 FCP75 FCP100 FCPc
Number of cells 12 20 30 40 Custom
Nominal power 30W 50W 75W 100W 2.5W/cell
Maximum power 40W 67W 100W 133W 3.3W/cell
Voltage range 7.2-11.2V 12-19V 18-28V 24-38V
Current (at 0.6V/cell) 4.25 Amps 4.25 Amps 4.25 Amps 4.25 Amps 4.25 Amps
Dimensions 84x115x75 116x115x75 156x115x75 196x115x75 XXXx115x75
Gross weight (stack+fan+valve) 750g 900g 1100g 1300g
FC operating conditions Controller specifications
Reactant gases H2/air Power source Self powered by FC
Operating temperature 5°C-30°C Minimum operating voltage 7V
Max FC temperature 55°C Max temperature cut off 60°C
Fuel cell cooling Air cooled On/Off/Menu control Single state push button
Humidification Self humidified Weight 165g
H2 supply pressure 0.2-0.3 barg Outputs 12V fan power + 12V purge
FC voltage + current
Controller power consumption
FC temperature, Valve position
Alarm, Short Circuit Manager
H2 purity 99.995% dry