PRESS RELEASE January 21, 2014

Pragma Industries and BIC officially announce their collaboration during the encounter between Arnaud Montebourg, the Minister of Industrial Renewal and actors in the hydrogen industry.

During the National Hydrogen Technologies Conference held Monday, January 20, 2014 in Labessière-Candeil (Tarn), the innovation driven Pragma Industries and BIC Group have publicly announced their collaboration. The collaboration aims to design optimal power generation solutions that combine Pragma Industries revolutionary fuel cell technology and BIC hydrogen storage cartridges developed for the consumer market.


Bidart (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), January 21, 2014

Since 2011, Pragma Industries and BIC have been working together to converge their respective technologies, fuel cells and hydrogen storage, to develop innovative solutions for mobile, autonomous and portable power generation. The National Hydrogen Technologies Conference – in connection with the Energy Storage Industrial Plan and a milestone in the Autonomy and Battery Power plan (one of the 34 New Industrial France plans) – set the mood for a great year in the deployment of hydrogen technology. The National Conference was the ideal opportunity to publicly announce the collaboration.
This announcement follows an intense year of development at Pragma Industries. In 2013 Pragma reached key milestones in the industrialization and commercialization of its products:

  • On May 20, 2013, at the 20th Congress hosted by the Bicycling cities and territories club in Nice, the Alterbike prototype was launched. The first Fuel Cell based Electrical Assist Bicycle developed in partnership with Cycleurope – a leading European bicycle manufacturer – and Ventec – a leading French producer of Lithium battery systems – the launch included a fleet deployment plan by local authorities in 2014, and the release to the general public in 2016.
  • The signing, in September 2013, of a technical and commercial partnership with Nexter Electronics – a world leader in electronic equipment, including the design, implementation and ensured operation of embedded systems for long-term deployment in harsh environments – for the production and marketing of a family of modular portable electric generators for military applications ranging from generic combat systems, to dedicated radio systems and combat group size power generators.
  • In the fall of 2013, the successful development of the first production system for wound fuel cells. This world first Fuel Cell production line “by the meter” will have a production capacity of 10,000 units per year starting in 2016. By 2018, this capacity will reach 50,000 units per year, and possibly 150,000 units with a three-shift production schedule.


Pragma Industries turnover rose 80%, to EUR 570,000 in 2013, which has allowed the company to pursue its strategy centered around its flagship product, the PragmaPAC, in three markets:

  • Autonomous power – compact electric generators with civilian and military applications, early deployments include powering isolated sensor equipment
  • Power mobility – small electric vehicles and in particular electric bikes
  • Electro-portability – Professional cordless power tools, particularly targeting tools for the agricultural industry and landscape maintenance (pruning shears, chain saws, hedge trimmers, electric blowers).

About Pragma Industries

Pragma Industries is developing a new generation of hydrogen fuel cells, contributing to the availability of new sustainable energy solutions. The technology designed and developed by Pragma Industries reduces the cost of fuel cells by half, the volume by about a third and leads to an increase in weight and therefore in autonomy of 50% over previous fuel cell designs. These characteristics make the PragmaPAC ideal for power mobility or electro-portability applications.
Founded in 2004 and based in Bidart (64), Pragma Industries provides efficient and competitive solutions for two target markets: Research and Education and the portable and small-scale mobility application Industries. All solutions are manufactured in France, at Pragma Industries production facilities.



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