Innovation at the heart of our expertise

Pragma Industries, hydrogen in everyday life, for everyone
Hydrogen is at the core of our expertise to identify and develop new solutions and applications
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Production of compact hydrogen fuel cells

Multiple hybridization architectures

Systems adapted for mobility

Infrastructure for green hydrogen production and distribution

Aiming towards a circular economy

Reuse, recycling, remanufacturing: fuel cells and systems designed from the very beginning to optimize their end-of-life.
Longevity and reconditioning production
Our fuel cells and hydrogen systems are designed with their entire lifecycle in mind, anticipating reuse or reconditioning from the conception stage.
  • Fuel cells are designed for a lifespan of 12 years and are 98% recyclable.
  • Tanks have an unlimited lifespan, subject to inspection every 5 years.

Global approach

Pragma Industries targets small and medium power applications and markets (100 to 11kW) with a comprehensive ecosystem approach.


Global approach:
The Pragma Ecosystem

Pragma Industries x Pragma Mobility: two complementary entities for a 360° hydrogen experience
From hydrogen production to consumption, in a short circuit
  • Local green hydrogen production by water electrolysis – 1 to 10 kg/day
  • Hydrogen distribution via refueling stations – a full refill in 2 minutes
  • Creation of hydrogen vehicles (electric or electric-assisted) and their inclusion in Pragma Mobility’s light mobility offering

Vehicles deployed since 2017 – with feedback data

+ 20 000

kilometers traveled by all our bikes


Generations of bikes in the Pragma Mobility ecosystem

Pragma Industries, OEM for mobility and transportation

3 generations of hydrogen-powered bicycles

320 bikes registered, sold and in circulation worldwide

adding 250 NEO H2-bikes production in 2024

A range of 3-wheelers logistics vehicles

Vehicles under development with partners: 3-wheelers, scooter, cargo bike

Powered by Pragma

Patented system

Pragma Industries has patented its hydrogen system for light mobility (system architecture with supercapacitors hybridization, 0 lithium).

Turn my electric vehicle
into a hydrogen vehicle




  • Wound cell architectures
  • System architecture for urban mobility
  • 0-lithium fuel cell/supercapacitor hybridization


Energy that's available, sustainable and powerful.

Zero CO2 emissions

Green hydrogen is a clean energy source with zero CO2 emissions.

Multiple hybridizations

Supercapacitors, batteries…

Renewable energy storage

Hydrogen enables large-scale storage of renewable electricity for later use, and reduces the amount of waste energy.

Versatility of use

Hydrogen has applications in transport, industry and the home, offering a global solution for the energy transition.

From design to production:
a customer-focused design office

R&D is an integral part of our business model, enabling us to create, renew and improve our product range.

Our engineering teams can help you integrate our systems into your applications.

Our engineering department designs and produces all the components in the Pragma range:

From battery to complete, integrated system.