SquarePak single cells



SquarePak is a professional single cell for designed for research and experimentation on Proton Electrolyte Membrane fuel cell. SquarePak cells are designed for ease of use and reliable testing results. Mounting pins inside the cells ensure perfect alignment of current collectors, monopolar plates and MEA. Monopolar plates have a 1mm holes to receive thermocouple and voltage sensor.


– Reliable and robust design
– Designed for easy and accurate assembly
– Low internal resistance


– Monopolar plates with selected flowfields design
– Gold plated current collectors
– Anodized aluminum or stainless steel compression plates with guiding pins
– Integrated heating cartridges
– Type-k thermocouple
– Voltage sense pins
– Gaskets and insulating material
– Gas connectors
– Set of nuts, rods, washers


Available sizes (active area) 5, 25, 50, 100cm²
Operating pressure 0-3barg
Reactants H2, MeOH, KOH, reformate… O2, air
Operating temperature 180°C max
Monopolar plates Fuel cell grade composite graphite
5mm thickness
Available flow field types Single serpentine / Multiple serpentine / Parallel / Interdigitated / Column/grid / Custom
Current collectors Copper with 15µm nickel + 5µm gold coating
Compression plates Anodised aluminium or stainless steel
Heating 24V heating cartridges inserted in compression plates
Gaskets Integrated O-ring gaskets or flat gaskets-ready

  • Heating hoses
    Heating hoses

    Maintain reactant gas temperature through dynamic heating/ in-stream measure
    Designed for tight working space around fuel cell test stations

  • 850e fuel cell tester
    850e fuel cell tester

    The 850e fuel cell test station is perfect for single cell testing and can be completed with numerous electrochemical/analysis accessories

  • Torque screw driver and flat wrench
    Item ref. T202

    Ajustable torque: 0.8-2Nm
    Used to assemble the fuel cell with calibrated membrane clamping force

  • EL20W-U electronic load

    The best PC software-driven electronic load for testing single cells connected in series up to 3 cells.
    A cost-efficient solution with all the functionnalities integrated in one set.